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The installer took time to do everything perfectly. We love our screen because it replaced a sliding screen that never worked well.

Tehachapi, CA


Very helpful with the process and quick on the installation time.

R. Clasen, Bakersfield, CA


Great job! I love my Retractable Screen!

Bakersfield, CA


Working with Brian Sorci and the entire Sorci Construction team was an experience we will never forget.

Before we began our remodel, we braced ourselves for disappointments, disagreements and unwelcome surprises….thinking it was to be expected with doing a major remodel. Listening to friends and their friends recount their remodels with dismay and daunting concessions, filled us with anxiety and sometimes dread.

Happily and surprisingly, our experience was quite the contrary. From the very beginning, even before the first hammer was raised, Brian and his office staff gave us guidance, confidence and direction with every decision we had to make. Every single person we worked with was knowledgeable, experienced, courteous, patient, solicitous and helpful beyond our expectations. They were always available, and made decision making easy without stress or pressure.

Brian’s highly skilled team of craftsmen astonished us many times with their innovative ideas, suggestions and solutions to problems that arose. They are all artists and perfectionists, honest, trustworthy and kind and personable as well. Everyone got along so well and helped each other with so many different tasks and challenges….it was awesome to watch.

One of the most impressive qualities that Brian has to offer, is his follow up support and help, once the project was completed. . Whenever we have needed to contact him or have him come out to the house to answer a question, he was and is….always readily available.

We highly recommend Sorci Construction to each and every person we know if they are considering remodeling. Sorci Construction is absolutely the very best in Bakersfield, by far….and we would use them again and again.

THANK YOU Brian……..and everyone else who made our DREAM come true. You are the absolute, without a doubt………BEST!!

Kathy Nickel